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Latest Woodbridge Republican Town Committee GOP News

Your Source for Woodbridge GOP News

The Woodbridge Republican Town Committee works hard to make positive changes in our Town when it comes to the involvement of the community and elected officials. Keep reading to learn about the mission of the Woodbridge Republican Town Committee and how you can stay involved with Town news on a regular basis.

Our Mission

Woodbridge Republicans organize our political activity through the Woodbridge Republican Town Committee, a volunteer organization with an important mission in mind. The WRTC’s mission is to present qualified candidates for local office positions. We present these candidates to Woodbridge voters by promoting candidacies through honest, visible, and active campaign assistance. When necessary, the WRTC offers solutions to better serve the needs of the majority of Woodbridge residents.

We work hard to ensure all Woodbridge residents are aware of community needs and governmental changes. Our mission is based on the idea that the residents’ needs come first. We want to present hardworking and dedicated candidates so our town may flourish under excellent leaders.

Stay Involved With Woodbridge Republican News

The Woodbridge GOP is a volunteer organization that seeks to keep community members engaged. We want the entire town to be aware of all WRTC volunteer meetings, changes in local government and the community, important health and political updates, as well as more broad GOP news. To keep information flowing, we’ve created this blog page so that everyone can remain informed and involved at all times.

The Woodbridge Republican Town Committee invites you to check out our Republican news posts below! Please feel free to like, comment, and share these blogs via Facebook, Twitter, and/or LinkedIn so your neighbors and friends can stay up-to-date on WRTC news. The more engagement, the better!

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