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A lot is being said about the former Country Club of Woodbridge (CCW).  Here are the Facts:

The Town of Woodbridge Purchased the CCW in 2009. In a letter to the townspeople, First Selectman Ed Sheehy stated, “If the purchase is approved the town will acquire 150 acres of beautiful open space to be enjoyed by residents for generations. It would be irresponsible for the board to allow the property to fall into the hands of developers.”

The Democratic party has been in control the entire 14 years following the purchase of the property.  Here are the major proposals pursued by the Board of Selectmen:


The above proposals focusing on housing failed. The CCW continues to be neglected, resulting in its current state, pictured to the right.

The former clubhouse has been vandalized repeatedly and become a site for illegal drug use.  Its parking lots are now used for illegal dumping.  Meanwhile the grounds are being reclaimed by nature  and supporting wildlife (Audubon CT habitat assessment  while retaining prime farmland soils and those of statewide importance.

We believe that the town needs to end its singular focus on selling the CCW for housing.  Residential development would create a financial loss (CT State Dept of Ed 2022-23 Student Expenditures), and an increased burden on our school system. Beecher Road School enrollment is already projected to rise to almost 1,000 students without any increase in housing.

Our pledge:

We will be open to a suite of alternatives rather than being single-minded in the pursuit of housing.

Among the alternatives, we will analyze the options offered by residents which prior administrations have ignored.  For example, some residents proposed a two-part plan: (1) develop the clubhouse and surrounding infrastructure for commercial purposes so as to generate revenue while (2) permanently protecting the golf course grounds as open space.  We should also consider Beecher’s future needs as part of the analysis.  There may be other ideas that residents bring forward or become evident through research. 

We will engage in objective analysis of each alternative.

We will offer opportunities for public engagement and input in order to establish an economically and environmentally sound solution for the former CCW.

Further information and News:

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