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How to Volunteer Politically:
Get Involved With the Woodbridge GOP

If you’re a Woodbridge resident and interested in becoming involved with the Woodbridge GOP, we have great news for you. The WRTC is a volunteer organization with a variety of activities that members and others can choose to participate in. We are always looking for more community involvement.

What to Expect

What can you expect from joining the WRTC and becoming a volunteer for the Republican party? We have regular meetings as well as volunteer opportunities for anyone who is interested in participating.

Here’s what you can expect when you become one of our many GOP volunteers Woodbridge Republican Town Committee Republicans appreciate and respect.

WRTC In Action

Grass-root politics is often called a “contact sport.” The WRTC interacts with Woodbridge voters in a variety of ways. Mail, social media, phone calls, in-person visits, and organized public events are the main channels in which we communicate with community members. As one of the Republican volunteers Woodbridge residents can count on, you can become involved in reaching out to voters in the area in a myriad of ways. As a volunteer, you can choose the path with which you are most comfortable.

Woodbridge GOP Meetings

Wondering how to volunteer politically? Attend and engage in Woodbridge GOP meetings. The Woodbridge Republican Town Committee meets regularly to update our members and supporters on important issues of the Town. We solicit feedback on the organization’s public position on these local issues as well as work to promote good local government and qualified candidates for local, regional, state, and federal offices. Our goal is to keep all of our volunteers and community members as informed as possible.

Work With Fellow Republican Volunteers

During Woodbridge GOP meetings, you can expect to meet like-minded neighbors and community members who care about the management of the Town’s resources and how we responsibly care for the Town. Our goal is to provide excellent management of government resources and a high quality of life for current and future Woodbridge residents!

Get Involved!

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