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Jeff Hughes - Bio

Jeff Hughes was raised in Derby and graduated from Notre Dame High School in West Haven.   In 2002, Jeff earned dual Bachelor of Science degrees in Horticulture and Agronomy from UCONN Storrs.  He met his future wife Jen at Delaney’s in New Haven. When they decided it was time to settle down and have children, they scouted area towns and decided a top-flight school system was their priority. Residents of Woodbridge for eleven years, their  daughter and son are now students at Beecher Road School and Amity Middle School, respectively. 


Jeff always worked while in high school and college.  His love of horticulture has kept him involved with several landscaping and construction businesses both as an employee and as an owner/operator.  He continues to work as a property owner/manager in addition to his current job at Yale University.


Jeff worked his way through the ranks of Yale, starting as an assistant manager in the dining halls.  He is now Area Manager at Yale University with oversight of all the Residential Colleges and Athletic Buildings.  His job involves overseeing all programmatic and capital improvement projects while managing a team of 9 facilities superintendents and 125 union employees.  He is currently involved in university-wide sustainability initiatives. 


In his four years as an elected member of the Woodbridge Board of Education, Jeff has been the Chairman of the WBOE Facilities Committee, a member of the Town Building Committee for Beecher School Capital Projects, and a member of the Ad Hoc Enrollment, Instructional Needs and Space Planning Committee. 


“As a professional facilities manager for Yale and a current member of the Woodbridge Board of Education, I offer the expertise needed to efficiently and effectively tackle both Beecher’s most pressing campus deficiencies and its long-term capital needs.  I also want to correct the misconception that Woodbridge needs additional housing to solve its financial problems.  Having been intimately involved in Beecher Road School, I know firsthand that increased enrollment will burden our already overcrowded crown jewel.  In addition, increased housing creates a need for increased town services.  We need to come together and increase our commercial tax base.”

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